SAM Sport — Wearable ultrasound

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image Are you ready for the latest in rehabilitative technology? Professional athletes are now using SAM Sport with their injury recovery and seeing staggering results. As a healthcare provider, I am always evaluating the latest and greatest in sports recovery and rehabilitation. I typically look at new products with  a little skepticism but this product caught my eye.

My approach to treating accumulative trauma injuries that result in tendonitis and other  “itis” involves a therapeutic approach. This may include soft tissue or myofascial  release, electric stimulation, corrective exercise and ultrasound. However, many of my patients are athletes and the last thing they want to do is stop. Having a wearable ultrasound unit enhances collagen type I and type III fibers for tissue rebuilding. Although we have only had the unit at our Folsom clinic for a short time, it is showing great results.

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